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Album: not released yet (2007)

Song: Sun Burnt

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HYBRID was born in march 2004 when Chus Maestro (formerly in Another Kind of Death) recruits Miguel (Human Mincer) and J. Oliver (Wormed, Unsane Crisis) with the intention of setting up an extreme music project to break down the walls of mainstream music. With Kike at the bass guitar, they begun to write songs trying to avoid the conventional logics of structures and timing, mixing several styles from the most extreme side of music. At the end of 2004 Unai GarcÝa (ex EVirus69) joins HYBRID, closing the bandÆs line up and getting them ready to finish the songs. In June 2005 the band enters V.R.S studios to record 6 songs with Samuel Ruiz as engineer (Avulsed, Looking for an Answer, Wormed, Haemorrhage).


HYBRID se forma en marzo del 2004 cuando Chus Maestro (ex Another Kind Of Death) re·ne a Miguel (Human Mincer) y J. Oliver (Wormed, Unsane Crisis) para formar un proyecto de m·sica extrema que rompiese las barreras de lo convencional. Junto con Kike al bajo, empiezan a componer canciones evitando la l¾gica com·n de estructuras y tiempos, fusionando diversos estilos del espectro mßs extremo de la m·sica. A finales de 2004 se une a las voces Unai GarcÝa (Ex EVirus69), quedando la formaci¾n del grupo cerrada y lista para rematar las canciones. En Junio de 2005 entran en los estudios V.R.S para grabar su disco debut con Samuel Ruiz (Avulsed, Wormed, Haemorrhage, Looking For An Answerà).